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Grizzled Vets

 ... an Unrelenting Band of Stalwart Souls Who've Started and Finished Every Big Sur International Marathon since 1986 !

Grizzled Vets 2013 

Top Row (l-r):  Thomas O'Neal, Steve Paski, Steve Radigan, Mike English, Mike Suchomel, Donna Troyna, Richard Edson, Dina Talbert, Neal Dempsey, Hugo Ferlito and Larry Wilson
Bottom Row (l-r):  Tom Rolander, Pierre d'Avenas, Bob Utley, Jake McGuire, Don Arthur and Bill Roden (not pictured Manuel Ramirez)

Beginning in 1986, BSIM was graced with 1800 runners. From the late '80's to the early '90's, fewer and fewer people could say they completed each and every marathon. In 1993, "Grizzled Veterans" or "Grizzled Vets" became part of the Official Race Results Book lexicon thanks to Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Bill Burleigh. He coined the name to better recognize that special group who kept coming back over and over again. By 1994, there were exactly 68 Grizzled Vets (50 men and 18 women). One year later, Shell Fisher, a local cartoonist and contributor created a contemplative Zen-like bear to help capture staying power and unbridled spirit. This humble, androgynous character has lovingly adorned BSIM as the time-honored Grizzled Vet mascot ever since.


Official 2013
Grizzled Vet

16 Members

Donald Arthur 
Pierre d’Avenas 
Rick Edson
Mike English 
Hugo Ferlito 
Jake McGuire 
Thomas O’Neal
Steve Paski
Steve Radigan
Manuel Ramirez
Bill Roden
Thomas Rolander
Mike Suchomel
Dina Talbert
Donna Troyna
Bob Utley

Grizzled Vets

Bill Burleigh
Neal Dempsey
Shell Fisher
Larry Wilson

"A journey of a thousand miles
begins with the first step."
-- Ancient Chinese

"As you go the way of life you will see a great chasm.
It is not as wide as you think."
-- Native American