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What You Can Expect From your Charity

See what charities are involved with this program.

While charities all vary on what they are able to offer their runners, most will want to offer a support package, because they will want you to run for them again.  Training for a marathon requires dedication and charities will often be on hand to keep you on track with a range of support, from comprehensive training advice to fundraising and sponsorship packs.

While some charities may provide support from the onset, others may not have the infrastructure to do so.  Nonetheless, a charity runner could expect to receive some of the following:

  • Fundraising pack including fundraising tips
  • Expert training plan with a day by day guide on how far to run
  • An online "personal trainer" with questions and answers
  • Running vest or t-shirt
  • Regular newsletters
  • Runner's goody bag
  • Invitation to a talk or training day given by the Race Director or others
  • Support from one of the charity's local campaigners
  • Information on fundraising to help you hit your target
  • Runner's chat online discussion group where your runners can help and motivate each other

Ultimately the charity you are running for should want to make sure you make it to the start and finish lines.

Committing to run for charity is a big undertaking and one that requires a huge amount of dedication, with months of both tough training and fundraising.  That is why many charities aim to give the same commitment to their runners as the runners give to the cause themselves.