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Choosing a Charity

If you are looking to secure a Big Sur Marathon charity entry, you'll be asking yourself "Which one?"  There are so many worthy ones out there, all of whom could do with your help and donations.

Charity Runners               Charity Runners
Charity runners generate a significant amount of income for charities and by accepting a spot in the sold out Big Sur Marathon you are entering into a firm commitment to raise the agreed amount of funds.  Unless you intend too follow through on this commitment, you should not use the charity option as a vehicle to run the marathon just because it is the only way to get registered.  The charities involved are relying on you for the funds you will be raising.

With so many worthy charities to choose from how do you decide which charity to run for?

When choosing a charity, consider the points below.  Each will help you make the decision to become a dedicated charity runner.

  • Do you have an affinity for a particular charity and do you now about the work they do?
  • Consider a cause close to your heart.  It may be that you have personal or family reasons why you should run for a particular charity.
  • Maybe you know someone already running Big Sur for a particular charity and would like to team up together on race day.
  • Will people consider the charity you are representing a worthwhile cause?  This will make our fundraising efforst seasier and people will be more willing to donate to your cause.

We hope you'll consider running Big Sur as a charity runner, all funds generated by your effort will be greatly appreciated and go towards changing lives.

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