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Running for Charity


With running on the increase world-wide, many runners are looking not to just get fit, but to achieve new goals and to feel empowered by running "for a cause." A runner decides to compete in a marathon and then asks friends, family and others to sponsor them in support of a great cause. The amount pledged can be a lump sum or a set amount for each mile of the race they complete. In return the charity provides the runner with support during training and on race weekend.

When considering the charity fundraising option, please keep in mind that it is unfair to commit if you have no real intention or realistic possibility of raising the agreed fundraising target. Don't be put off by the amount that has to be raised; fundraising isn't as difficult as you might expect, especially if you start early and get family and friends to help. If possible, look to a charity that has meaning for you...whether in memory of a family member, to support a friend, or because of your own personal experience.

In addition to assisting local charities, the Big Sur International Marathon and Half Marathon on Monterey Bay offer opportunities for additional charities to use our marathon and half marathon events as "goal races" to raise money for specific causes.  To learn how you can become a 2014 charity partner, click HERE.

Running for a reason 


Because the 2014 Big Sur Marathon is sold out, we are no longer accepting further charity partner applications for the 2014 events.

Charity partners for 2014 include RealBuzz Charities, Inheritance of Hope, Lazarex Cancer Foundation, Children of Peru, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation,  Zero - The End of Prostate Cancer and the Boomer Esiason FoundationTo learn more about these charities and to fundraise for one of them, click on the charity logo below.

 The Boomer Esiason Foundation  Inheritance of Hope  Realbuzz.com
 Children of Peru
 Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation  Zero Prostate Cancer  Lazarex  

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Big Sur's JUST RUN! Youth Fitness Program
Please note that the 2014 JUST RUN marathon entries are sold out!
The Big Sur Marathon is committed to promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles.  For the past nine years, this organization has focused on and channeled funding into its nationally acclaimed youth fitness program, JUST RUN®. 

Promoting physical activity, pride, and good citizenship, JUST RUN has several education components as well.  When registering for a Big Sur event, we invite you to make a tax deductible donation to JUST RUN.  For more information on the JUST RUN program, contact Susan Love at susan@bsim.org.

Running For A Reason
In addition to staging world-class running events, a major focus of the non-profit Big Sur International Marathon is "giving back" to the local community through grants and charitable contributions.  Since its inception in 1986, the Marathon has donated over $3 million to schools and community organizations in Monterey County.  Each year, approximately 90 grants and awards are distributed form the proceeds of the Big Sur International Marathon.  To see a list of grant recipients, click HERE.