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Online registration is now closed except for the 3K.  It will resume at the Health & Fitness Expo for: 

  • For the 5K and 9-Miler on Friday (noon to 6:00 PM) and Saturday (9 AM to 6PM) and race morning beginning at 6:30 AM at Marathon Village (Highway 1 and Rio Road)
  • Relay members trying to join an existing team will have to come to the Relay bib pickup area at the Expo to join the team and sign a waiver.

 We are currently in the process of evaluating and re-designing registration procedures for our April 26, 2015 marathon events.
We will detail these new procedures by May 15, 2014, so please check back then for further information. 

The new registration procedures will be initiated on July 15, 2014.

If you experience a problem registering online, contact Active.com at 877.228.4881.  For other registration concerns or questions, email sally@bsim.org.

As part of our green initiatives we do not offer a paper entry form.  If you wish to pay by check, contact sally@bsim.org or call 831.625.6226.  There will be a $10 administrative fee for this service.

Before registering, please review the course time limit for the marathon by clicking HERE.

To register for the 3K (through April 23) click the link below:

Register Blue 

You can confirm your entry after 24 hours by clicking on one of the buttons below (either BSIM events or the Runner's World Challenge).  Once on the page, enter LAST NAME ONLY to bring up your registration details.

Entry Confirmation Button 

RWC confirmation

RELAY REGISTRATION Relay registration is a TWO-PART process that involves the creation of a team and then the registration of its members.
1. TEAM CREATION The Relay Team Captain creates a team, determines the team category (i.e. Open Male, Master's Mixed, Corporate,  etc.) and pays for the team. One person can captain multiple teams. If the Team Captain is planning to run on his/her team, he/she must also register as a member on the team.
2. TEAM MEMBER REGISTRATION Once the Team Captain has created a team, members may join the team individually or the captain may register them. To register as a member go through the same registration link, but choose the MEMBER category rather than the team captain category. Members must be 10 years of age or older to participate. If the captain registers the members, he/she must NOT sign into his/her active.com account when doing so! Those joining a team must know the team name and password. Those joining a team as members will not be asked for further payment. Once all five members have joined a team, that team name will no longer show in the drop down box of available teams. If a team captain wishes to delete members from a team, email sally@bsim.org .