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Registration to enter a series of random drawings for the April 30, 2017 Marathon will begin on July 15, 2016.  For more information on the drawings click HERE.

Groups & Couples Registration: July 15-24 Drawing is completed!
Drawing registration for Loyalty, Locals and First-Timers: July 29-August 7
Last Chance Drawing; August 19-25
Boston 2 Big Sur Drawing; October 1-9

Event entry fees can be viewed HERE.

Registration for all other distances events (21 and 10.6-Milers, Relay, 12K, 5K and 3K) opens on September 1 at 9 AM PDT


Runner's World VIP $429

JUST RUN Donation Entry for the Marathon $350 (half of this is a donation to benefit the JUST RUN youth fitness program)

Registration now open
JUST RUN Donation Registration for the Marathon


The drawings for Groups & Couples drawing is now over. Those selected and not selected will be notified by Tuesday, July 26 by email. There will also be a list posted on this website.

Click the button below to enter the Loyalty, Locals or First-Timer drawings between July 29 and August 7.

Drawing Registration for Loyalty, Locals, and First-Timers

Click the button below to enter the Last Chance drawing between August 19 and 25.

Register for the Last Chance Drawing


Charity Partner Entries 
A limited number of charity entries will be available at a higher price and/or with a fund-raising element included.  For the list of 2017 charity partners, click HERE beginning on July 15.

Marathon Tours
Marathon Tours is the official Tour Group Partner of the Big Sur Marathon. They offer a travel package that includes a marathon entry. You can sign up with Marathon Tours beginning on July 15 at www.marathontours.com

The Salinas Valley Half Marathon is now a Big Sur International Marathon event. Register now for the August 6, 2016 race! For more information on this race, visit www.salinasvalleyhalfmarathon.org

If you have any questions about registration, please email sally@bsim.org.  For general race questions, email info@bsim.org or doug@bsim.org or call 831.625.6226 during normal business hours. 


Once registered, you can confirm your entry by clicking on one of the buttons below (either BSIM events or the Runner's World VIP).  

If you unclicked the box allowing your results to be searchable at Active.com or you are under age 18, your information will not be available. To opt back in, go to your "My Events" at Active.com or call 877.228.4881.

Entry Confirmation Button 

RWC confirmation

If you experience a problem registering online, contact Active.com at 877.228.4881.  For other registration concerns or questions, email sally@bsim.org.

As part of our green initiatives we do not offer a paper entry form.  If you wish to pay by check or money order, email sally@bsim.org for instructions.

Before registering, please review the course time limit for the Marathon by clicking HERE.