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Marathon Drawing for Groups & Couples

1. This drawing is open for groups of from 2-15 individuals, each of whom want to run the 2018 Big Sur Marathon but only if everyone in the group is chosen.

2. Only a single, designated group leader enters the drawing on behalf of the group. There is no entry fee for the drawing.

3. The group leader creates and uses a unique group name along with the number of people in the group during the drawing registration process.

4. If a group is chosen, the group leader needs to send the names and emails of everyone in the group to the Big Sur Marathon Registrar (sally@bsim.org). Once received, all group members will be sent a private registration link to sign up and pay for the 2018 Big Sur Marathon.

5. The Group drawing will be a stand-alone category with winners announced prior to the opening of the other drawings. If a group is not chosen, members do have the option of entering other drawings (Loyalty, Locals, First-Timers or Last Chance). There are no considerations for couples or groups in the individual drawings.