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Marathon Drawing for Groups & Couples

1. This drawing is open for groups of from 2-15 individuals, each of whom want to run the 2018 Big Sur Marathon but only if everyone in the group is chosen.

2. Only a single, designated group leader enters the drawing on behalf of the group. There is no entry fee for the drawing.

3. When filling in registration information, the group leader creates and uses a unique name for the group and also specifies the number of people in the group. The leader will also have the opportunity to enter the names and emails of all group members. This is recommended. If the names and emails aren't specified when signing up for the drawing, then see step 4 below.

4. If a group is chosen, the group leader needs to send the names and emails of everyone in the group to the Big Sur Marathon Registrar (sally@bsim.org). This is not necessary if this information is entered during the registration process. Once received, all group members will be sent a private registration link to sign up and pay for the 2018 Big Sur Marathon.

5. The Group drawing will be a stand-alone category with winners announced prior to the opening of the other drawings. If a group is not chosen, members do have the option of entering other drawings (Loyalty, Locals, First-Timers or Last Chance). There are no considerations for couples or groups in the individual drawings.