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Running for Charity


Interested in fund-raising for a charity? We offer many options to support worthy organizations throughout the country.  With a minimum donation of financial support (varies by charity), you'll receive a race entry to a Big Sur Marathon event and, in some cases, online training and/or other benefits from the charity.

Check out our new fundraiser page through Crowdrise to view our Crowdrise-listed charity partners (Children of Peru, Every Mother Counts, KultureCity, Lazarex Cancer Foundation, Move For Hunger, National Parkinson's Foundation, Save the Children, and Wildfire Hearts Hands Feet). 

Click on a link below to access each charities fundraising page. Non-Crowdrise charity partners include Alliance for a Healther Generation, Boomer Esiason Foundation, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, Inheritance of Hope, the RealBuzz charities, and Zero: The End of Prostate Cancer).

If you have already secured a marathon entry you can also use Crowdrise to set up your own fundraising page for the charity of your choice.

Running for a reason 
 Alliance for a Healthier Generation
AHG Logo
16 entries left!
$1,250 fundraising minimum
Boomer Esiason Foundation 

Boomer Esiason Fdn
3 entries left!
$1,800 fundraising minimum
 Children of Peru

Children of Peru
11 entries left!
$1,000-$1,500 fundraising minimum

 Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation
4 entries left!
$2,500 fundraising minimum
 Every Mother Counts

EMC Logo

 Inheritance of Hope

IOH Logo 2015
4 entries left!
$1,450 fundraising minimum


Lazarex Cancer Foundation

32 entries left!
$1,550 fundraising minimum (marathon) and $3,000 (relay)

 Move for Hunger

Move For Hunger Logo
11 entries left!
$1,000 fundraising minimum

National Parkinson Foundation

Parkinsons Logo
5 entries left
$1,500 fundraising minimum
 Real Buzz Charities:

Street Child U.S.
Children's Tumor Foundation
Project Purple
Autism SpeaksEndure to Cure Pediatric Cancer Foundation

 Save the Children
Save the Children

0 entries left (if you are interested in this charity, email redwards@savechildren.org)
$1,500 fundraising minimum

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
Semper Fi Logo

5 slots left!
$1,500 fundraising minimum

 Wildfire Hearts Hands Feet

2 entries left!

 Zero: The End of Prostate Cancer
ZERO Logo 2015
7 entries left
$1,500 fundraising minimum



When considering the charity fundraising option, please keep in mind that it is unfair to commit if you have no real intention or realistic possibility of raising the agreed fundraising target. Don't be put off by the amount that has to be raised; fundraising isn't as difficult as you might expect, especially if you start early and get family and friends to help. If possible, look to a charity that has meaning for you, whether in memory of a family member, to support a friend, or because of your own personal experience.