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Marathon Drawings for 2018

With unprecedented demand for entries, registration for the April 29, 2018 Big Sur International Marathon will be conducted as a series of random drawings. Registration for the drawings will begin on July 15, 2017 at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time. There are five separate random drawing opportunities.  If you are interested in running our marathon, you will have multiple chances to secure a place at the starting line!  

For information on other Marathon registration options (outside the drawing) and special entry categories, click HERE.

For information on other April 2018 BSIM events (21-Miler, Relay, etc.), click on an event distance under the Event Information tab below the event logo at the top of this page. Registration for these events opens September 1, 2017.


Michael Martinez at Bixby Bridge



                                   THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU ENTER                                   THE BIG SUR INTERNATIONAL MARATHON


If you have not run our race before, please keep these things in mind before registering:

A. There is a strict 6-hour finish time limit. This is a pace of 13:45 per mile (8:33 per km). This is part of our permit to use Highway 1 and is non-negotiable. If you are close to a six-hour finisher on a flatter course, you may want to consider running our 21-Miler instead of the marathon.

• Big Sur is a challenging course with numerous hills and frequent head winds. Many runners consider our race a good 10-20 minutes slower than flatter and less windy events. In addition, many runners stop to take pictures, adding to their times. Plan accordingly with your training and pacing plans.

• Marathon runners who do not maintain a 13:45 per mile pace at all times may be removed from the course at any time for safety.

• There are time cut-offs along the course based on finishing under six hours. Runners who reach these locations after the posted times will be transported to the finish area and will not receive a finish time or medallion. Those who do not reach mile 21.2 by 11:50 AM will be stopped and transported by bus back to the finish.

• Official finish times, medallions, certificates, and post-race refreshments are only available for runners who finish under six hours (chip time).

B. There are no entry refunds, transfers or deferments. Booking Protect, a third-party insurance policy, will be available for purchase during registration. 

C. We do not allow headphones, earbuds, iPods, etc. on the course for safety reasons.

If you understand these conditions and are ready to enter for 2018, read on!


We will offer five separate non-guaranteed random selection opportunities for different categories of entrants totaling an estimated 3,200 entries. There is no fee to enter any of the drawings.

A.  Drawing for Groups & Couplesest. 350 entry slots (Registration has now ended; results announced July 26)

This drawing is for groups of 2-to-15 people who want to enter only if everyone in the group gets in. 

Only the designated leader for the couple or group needs to enter the drawing under a pre-deterrmined group/couple name. The number of people in the group also needs to be entered.

For complete details on this category click HERE.

INDIVIDUAL DRAWINGS-You may enter up to three drawing categories, depending on eligibility. See "drawing notes" below.  

B.  Drawing for Loyalty Runners  (Registration July 29-August 7; results announced August 8).
For those who have finished one or more 26.2-mile Big Sur Marathons. During registration, the entrant must indicate the number of official finishes and the year of the most recent Big Sur Marathon finish for verification purposes. 

C.  Drawing for Locals(Registration July 29-August 7; results announced August 11) 
For both veteran and first-time marathoners whose primary residence is in Monterey County, CA (939XX zip code). Proof of residency may be required if selected.

D.  Drawing for "Bucket List" First-Timers (Registration July 29-August 7; results announced August 12)
For those who have never finished the 26.2-mile Big Sur Marathon.

E.  Last Chance Drawing (Registration August 19-25; results announced August 26)
For anyone not selected or who didn't participate in earlier drawings. It is for individuals only with no considerations for groups or couples.






  • There is no fee to enter any of the drawings..
  • You may enter a drawing category only one time; duplicate entries will be removed prior to selection.
  • You may be eligible to enter up to three categories. For example, Monterey County residents who have run Big Sur before can enter the Locals and Loyalty categories. If they are not selected, they could then enter the Last Chance drawing.
  • All selections are done by a computerized random selection program. The date you apply for a drawing within each registration period has no influence on the odds of being selected. 
  • Those selected in a drawing will be sent a unique registration link by email and will have a limited time to officially register and pay for the race. 
  • Questions? Read our FAQ HERE.


  • Marathon Tours & Travel Packages - now open!
    Marathon Tours offers comprehensive travel packages (hotel, airfare, etc.) that include an entry into the Big Sur International Marathon as well as other unique benefits and provisions. A limited number of Marathon and Boston 2 Big Sur packages will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Learn more and register at www.marathontours.com.


Marathon Tours

  • Runner's World VIP Opens July 5 (300 slots)
    Runner's World VIP (RW VIP) will open July 5 at 9 AM PDT on a first-come, first-served basis. The RW VIP entry fee is $434.99. RW VIP benefits include a customized training plan, start area heated tent and dedicated restrooms, and finish hospitality tent. For details on RW VIP click HERE.


  • JUST RUN Charity Donation Entries
    400 first-come, first-served entries will be available on July 15 at 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. The JUST RUN charity entry fees to be announced by July 1. Half of that fee is a tax-deductible donation to JUST RUN, the Big Sur Marathon's award-winning youth fitness program. 
  • Fundraising for a Big Sur Marathon Charity Partner 
    We team up with several worthy charities that provide a marathon race entry to those who successfully raise money for their organization.  Links to our charity partners with details about their fund-raising requirements will be available by July 15, 2017 HERE.
  • Boston 2 Big Sur (B2B) Challenge Registration
    Registration for the drawing to enter the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge will open on Monday, October 2, 2017 (or following the close of 2017 Boston Marathon registration). Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The entry fee to be announced by early September. Boston and Big Sur are 13 days apart in 2018. Benefits include a B2B training shirt and finish medallion, a custom B2B finisher jacket, a finish hospitality tent and post-race party ticket. You must be already officially registered in the 2018 Boston Marathon (or planning on a Boston charity entry) to apply for B2B.

Boston 2 Big Sur 2017

Registration for all other April, 2018 events will open on September 1 at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time on a first-come, first-served basis. Our other events are the four-person Marathon Relay, 21-Miler, 11-Miler (formerly the 10.6-Miler), 12K, 5K, and By-the-Bay 3K.