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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                     March 7, 2002

Contact:                      Franca Gargiulo

                                    Public Relations

                                    Big Sur International Marathon


MONTEREY, CA  (March 7, 2002) – Wally Kastner, Race Director for the Big Sur International Marathon, announced that 20 more relay teams have been added and  will be open  to Monterey County residents.  “This is due,” Kastner stated, “ to the fact that there is an increase in demand for the relay  as well as all the events on race day.”  All events have been sold out for months with the exception of the KION 5K race which is expected to sell out quickly within the next few weeks. 

Runners who wish to participate in the relay can download the entry forms off the Big Sur International Marathon website, http://www.bsim.org .

The Big Sur International Marathon, once again voted the Best Marathon in North America by the Ultimate Guide to Marathons, is held the last Sunday in April.  Set along one of the most breathtaking courses in the world, this spectacular road rae race also gets high marks for its degree of difficulty.  Over 4,000 athletes begin this race on Highway One in Big Sur and finish in Carmel.  Along the way, runners wind their way through majestic redwoods and Pacific Ocean Views.  Classical music greets marathoners around each turn, providing inspiration that has been likened to a spiritual experience.  This year’s race will be held on Sunday, April 28.

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