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The Marathon Relay

The 2018 Relay is sold-out! Team members can join their team online HERE.
TEAM ENTRY FEE  $330 for a 4-person team from 9/1 to 12/31/17
$350 from 1/1/18 until sold-out
RACE DATE April 29, 2018
REGISTRATION Registration is open for team members only; the relay has sold-out.
RELAY REGISTRATION Relay registration is a TWO-PART process that involves the creation of a team and then the registration of its members.
PART 1: TEAM CREATION The Relay Team Captain creates a team, determines the team category (i.e. Open Male, Master's Mixed, Corporate, etc.) and pays for the entire team. One person can captain multiple teams. If the Team Captain is planning to run on his/her team, he/she must also register as a member on the team.
PART 2: TEAM MEMBER REGISTRATION Once the Team Captain has created a team, members can join that team. To register as a member, go through the same registration link, but choose the MEMBER category rather than the team captain category. If the team captain created a password protected team, he/she needs to let the members know that password. Members will not be asked for further payment. Once all four members have joined a team, that team name will no longer show in the drop down box of available teams. To delete or replace members from a team, the team captain must email sally@bsim.org.

The Big Sur Marathon Relay will officially end at 1 PM when the road will reopen to regular two-way vehicular traffic.  There will be NO support of any kind on the course (aid stations, medical, communications, etc.) for any team not maintaining a 6-hour pace. Those who do not reach marathon mile 21.2 by 11:50 AM will not be allowed to proceed past that point and will be provided transportation to the finish. No finish medallions or official times will be provided for any team finishing after 6 hours (chip time).


Online entries will be confirmed by e-mail from Active.com. If you have spam filters and/or firewalls in place we cannot guarantee you will receive this email.

Entries may be confirmed online HERE if you did not un-click the box allowing your information to be searchable at Active.com during the registration process. Your name will not show if you are under age 18 or you were registered by someone else.


Per the marathon running industry policy, all entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. This policy applies to all entrants and is in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected family/business emergency, have a medical emergency, etc. If the course has to be changed or the race cancelled due to an act of nature, there are no refunds or rollovers. There are NO exceptions.

You do have the option to purchase Booking Protect through Active.com at the time of team registration.  To learn more about this program, click HERE.

Your 2018 entry fee IS NOT TRANSFERABLE to 2019. You do not need to inform us of your cancellation. If you do cancel, you may take the amount of your entry fee as a charitable donation on your income tax return. The Big Sur International Marathon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Participant shirts are gender specific. Sizing as follow:

Women's Sizing

Size XS(4-6) S(6-8) M(8-10) L(10-12) XL(12-14)
Chest   32"-33" 34"-35" 36"-37" 38"-39" 40"-41"

Men's Sizing

Size S M L XL
Chest    36"-38" 39"-41" 42"-44" 45"-47"

Bib-tag timing will be provided by SVE Timing.  

STARTING PLACE The first leg runner will be bused to the start in Big Sur and all other team members will be bused directly to their exchange point from Monterey Peninsula College.  After completing your leg, you will be bused back to the finish line at Rio Road. Buses will depart the exchange points for the finish in coordination with the CHP-escorted caravans which may result in very long waits. You do have the option of continuing on foot as well.
FINISH The relay ends at Marathon Finish Village, located at Highway 1 and Rio Road. 
TEAMS Relay teams consist of a maximum of four team members in the categories listed.  The relay is not designed for individual runners wanting to run the marathon.  Minimum age for participation is 10 years. Team categories include Open Male, Open Female, Open Mixed, Masters Male, Masters Female, Masters Mixed and Corporate. Mixed and Corporate teams require a minimum of one male or one female. For Masters teams, all members must be age 40 or over. The Corporate team is open (any age). Only complete teams of four are eligible for awards. If a team has fewer than four members and one or more members of that team need to run more than one leg, all handoffs must be made at a relay handoff spot, not an arbitrary place on the course. Sorry, no animals, pacers, skates, skateboards, bikes, baby joggers or children/infants in backpacks allowed on the course. No bandits. No exceptions.

We do not allow the use of iPods, headphones, ear buds or other MP3 or headphone devices in any of our events. We believe using an audio device will compromise your safety and that of others by hindering your ability to hear verbal instructions or commands from race officials including course marshals on bicycles or to hear vehicles in the lane next to you or emergency vehicles on the course. You are sharing a narrow lane with runners of different speeds completing different race distances. In addition, there is live traffic in the land-side lane of Highway 1 during the race. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times

Because the safety of all of our participants and volunteers is our first priority, we ask that you leave your headsets at home and instead let the incredible scenery, music we provide on the course, and your fellow runners serve as your motivation and inspiration.

AWARDS Each member of the top three teams in each category will receive an award. Teams with fewer than four members are not eligible for awards. There is no "overall" award for the first team to finish, they are awarded by division only.
GOODIES A technical fabric Asics shirt in gender specific sizing featuring an original design to all entrants, commemorative medallion for all official finishers, and post-race refreshments.
COURSE TIME LIMIT Our permit from the California Dept. of Transportation limits the race to a finishing time of 6 hours, a pace of about 13:45 per mile. The following rules will apply to all participants:

Finishing Time: 6 hours or less
Teams that finish the Big Sur International Marathon in 6 hours or less (chip time) will be presented with the Big Sur International Marathon Relay finisher's medallion for each relay member.

Finishing Time: More than 6 hours
Because Highway 1 is open to two-way traffic immediately following the official close of the race at 1:00 PM, all aid stations must be dismantled and removed from the course prior to the reopening of the highway. This means that there will be NO SUPPORT (i.e., no water, no medical personnel and no communications personnel) for race participants on the course once the aid stations have been dismantled.


Because of safety concerns, if a participant has not reached Mile 21.2 by 11:50 AM, he/she will not be allowed to proceed past that point.


Transportation will be provided to finish area for those race participants who have not reached the 21.2 mile mark in the time allotted.

An early start is not available. The Marathon Relay begins at 6:45 AM, 6:50 AM, or 6:55 AM depending on projected pace.
RELAY LEGS Below is a course map showing the distance of each relay leg.  The team is responsible for deciding which team member runs which leg.