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Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge presented by ASICS


The 2015 Challenge:
2 marathons
2 coasts
6 days

B2B Logo 2014

Only the fittest (or craziest!) ever attempt back-to-back marathons...much less 3,000 miles apart. 2015 will mark the Sixth Presentation of the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge and we will welcome 400 of the world's fittest athletes to participate in two of the world's greatest marathons. 

Registration for the 2015 B2B Challenge

is on a first-come, first-served basis and will begin on October 1, 2014 at 10 AM PDT.


Click on the link below to register (the category won't actually show until 10 AM PDT on 10/1/14)

We are anticipating a high demand for the 370 available B2B slots on October 1. Here are some things you may see if demand is very high when registration opens:

If high volumes are detected, the "Queue" page may be activated to help regulate the volume of users accessing the Active registration system at any given time.  This page will automatically refresh and you are encouraged to refresh it yourself as you wait.  Once you get to to the category selection page, the B2B category will either be available to register, or shown as "On Hold" or "Sold Out."  If the category is available, select it and continue to the "Select Particpant" page.  Select the correct person to register and complete the registration process within 15 minutes.

Once the maximum number of runners (370) have entered the registration flow, you may see a notification that registration is "ON HOLD."  This means that all spots are being held by runners who are in the process of filling out their registration forms. Registration is not yet sold out; if any of those runners opts to exit the registration form for any reason, their slot will re-open.  Please refresh this page every few minutes.

Once the maximum number of B2B runners have been processed, all slots have been sold and you will see an official notification that registration is "sold out."

  • The Challenge is open to 370 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. To register on October 1 you MUST be registered for the Boston Marathon or be able to provide proof of a guaranteed complimentary Boston entry.  You don't need to provide proof at the time of registration, we will be looking up confirmation of Boston entries.  Anyone entering B2B who is not registered for Boston will have his/her entry voided and the entry fee refunded.  Once these slots have sold out we will take a wait list of no more than 50 people.  If this situation occurs, and you wish to be on the wait list, email sally@bsim.org as soon as possible.  Names on the wait list will be in the order received via email.
  • 30 slots will be reserved for those planning on entering Boston as a charity runner.  Registration for these slots will open on a first-come, first-served basis once Boston's charity registration process is complete. This date will most likely be in early 2015 and will be announced once we know more.
  • If you are currently registered for the open Big Sur Marathon, this entry is non-transferable to B2B, as B2B is first-come, first-served.  You need to register separately for B2B.  If you get in, we will void and refund your open BSIM registration.

[The B.A.A. does not endorse the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge promotion]                                                    


All B2B participants will receive the following:

  • Your entry into the 2015 Big Sur Marathon as a B2B Challenge runner
  • A Boston 2 Big Sur ASICS finisher jacket in gender-specific sizing (will be distributed in the B2B finish hospitality tent along with the B2B medallion)
  • A Boston 2 Big Sur ASICS training shirt in gender specific sizing (sent in October 2014 after confirming your Boston entry)                                                
     2015 Women's B2B Training Shirt  Mens 2015 B2B Training Shirt
  • custom participant bib and unique B2B finisher's medallion (you will also receiver a BSIM finisher medallion)
  • Access to a catered B2B hospitality finish tent in Big Sur's Marathon Finish Village with an included access wristband for one family member or friend.  Additional family packages can be purchased as well during the registration process.
  • An entry to the Big Sur Post-Race Celebration Party to be held Sunday evening.  Additional tickets can be purchased for $25. 
  • Awards are presented race day to the top five male and female participants based on their combined Boston and Big Sur times
Challenge rules include:
  • To qualify for the challenge, you must also be an official entrant in the Boston Marathon. You can register for Boston either through your qualifying time or through one of their charity programs.  B2B registration fees do not cover your Boston entry.
  • If you are registered for B2B and Boston, but do not start or finish at Boston, you are no longer eligible for the B2B Challenge. 

Questions? Or, for more information, email sally@bsim.org or call 831.625.6226